The Carlton Primary School uniform is as follows:

  • White or red polo shirt or white cotton shirt
  • Red sweatshirt or fleece
  • Red cardigan or jumper
  • Grey trousers, pinafore or skirt
  • Grey, black red or white tights or socks.
  • Black shoes ( that cover toes)
  • In warmer weather children may choose to wear a red and white checked summer dress, with red or black sandals or shoes as above

The P.E Kit is as follows:

  • Red or White Polo shirt or T Shirt
  • Black Shorts or leggings
  • Black pumps for indoors
  • Trainers for outdoors

Non Carlton uniform and P.E. kit should be a simple and plain as possible with ideally no (or small) logos on.

In winter you may be required to provide a warm tracksuit.

For Forest School sessions the children will need suitable outdoor clothing , warm and waterproof clothes and wellies/boots.

You can purchase these at any of the major supermarkets. You can also purchase our Carlton Primary School branded School uniform via the following link ir in store at ‘Clothes For Little people’/The Uniform Shop, Pasture Road, Goole