At Carlton Primary School, we are focused on providing children with regular opportunities to engage and enjoy physical activity. We promote a healthy lifestyle with exercise and sport at the heart of our teaching.

Our aims for P.E. at Carlton Primary School are:

To engage all pupils in regular physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle where children understand the importance of living active lifestyles.
To provide children with the opportunity to gain knowledge and confidence in playing a range of recognised sports: understanding the rules, formats and tactics to a high level.
To broaden the experience of children in the range of sporting activities they are participating in.
To encourage children to compete in school based competitions and competitions with other schools. At the heart of our PE provision is providing excellent opportunities; both in the classroom and in the surrounding area.
Within our PE sessions at Carlton Primary School School, we aim to foster and develop a love of sports. We teach the importance of being a good sports person where children show respect to their fellow teammates or competitors so that everyone enjoys fair play.

We celebrate the success of individuals, teams and the whole class within lessons and encourage the children to give praise and positive feedback to others about their work in PE.

We invite specialist sports teachers to coach and work alongside our class teachers to enrich the learning opportunities for children, providing them with the change to exceed expectations and reach their potential. This includes providing opportunity for children to demonstrate their ‘Mastery’ of their P.E. skills where they are able.