At Carlton CPS we are really proud to promote our Carlton Skill Set.  After discussion with staff, pupils and governors we identified 8 important skills that we want all pupils to develop in school and that would be key skills for life beyond life at Carlton. This was a tricky job ensuring we had a wide range of skills chosen whilst not having too many. We then commissioned an artist to draw each of these as a superhero, to help appeal to all children in school.  

We chose:

We love our super hero characters and we all enjoy seeing them used around school and being discussed in lessons.  In our regular ‘celebration assemblies’ children receive ‘special mentions’ certificates linked to one of these superheroes and any ‘red book’ special awards are also linked to a particular skill. 

We have three simple, clear and easy to remember rules under the heading of ‘Always be’: Be Kind; Be Ready; Be Safe!

We have another way of celebrating children’s success in school and re-enforcing even more positives links with families, via the ‘Marvellous Me’ app. This is a super app that parents access free of charge and get to hear instantly when their child receives a badge for one of our skill set or school rules. This is an app for phones or other devices, which families can access free of charge. Staff in school can send a notification of any positive achievement or pleasing effort instantly to parents/family members.  The children certainly love having positive messages sent home!